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Business Transformation with SAAS

With SaaS, in particular cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites, CFOs are becoming empowered through access to real-time data and business information. They are also beginning to encroach on CIO turf in championing SaaS procurements due to the costs savings and efficiencies that cloud can bring.

Much has been made of the transformational ability of SaaS, or cloud-based software, in its ability to shift CIOs’ roles from focusing on IT infrastructure to higher value tasks such as innovation, business transformation and enablement. Less well known is the fact that SaaS is equally transformative for another key C-level role: the chief financial officer, or CFO.

SaaS-enabled CFOs are also muscling in on traditional CIO functions such as business-enablement through being able to supply on-demand business information and financial data, as well as better enable their organisation to connect with third party outsourcers, or to more easily expand overseas.

Not only is SaaS a catalyst for change within the business, it is also transformative for both the CFO, and for CFOs relationships with CIOs Read More…

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