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Business Benefits of SAAS

Software-as-a Service (SaaS) is easily the most rewarding recent technology development for SMB's. As time moves on and individuals grasp a better understanding of Cloud Services, hundreds of companies each day are adopting a Saas based business model.

Reasons behind the success of SaaS:

Vendor’s Responsibility

SaaS providers are responsible for managing and maintaining both the software and...
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Greentree’s Web Revolution

Leading ERP software provider Greentree International has unveiled its strategic product direction. Greentree Web3D ERP will be progressively rolled out, starting later in 2014. Clients are already using Greentree through secure Cloud connections and Greentree Web3D will likewise work perfectly on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a combination of both. Customers will have complete control over...
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Cost Saving with SAAS

Saving money can be a major motivator for making the transition to software as a service. SaaS not only offers obvious efficiencies in terms of shared server storage and easier updates, but also redefines and improves the entire customer relationship for software companies. In a departure from the traditional software sales model with large...
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