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SAAS with a Purpose

In a recent Greentree Partner Opinion piece, SAAS architect Teresa Hooper says "Because Greentree is so flexible, we're able to manipulate it to make sure we're covering all their needs. You wouldn't typically find that in a normal SaaS system." Douglas Pharmacy Group, is one of the larger groups utilising the system. Douglas has...
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Business Transformation with SAAS

With SaaS, in particular cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites, CFOs are becoming empowered through access to real-time data and business information. They are also beginning to encroach on CIO turf in championing SaaS procurements due to the costs savings and efficiencies that cloud can bring. Much has been made of the transformational ability of SaaS,...
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bizlinkIT Launches

bizlinkIT a leading provider of business management software including Greentree and QlikView, officially changed it’s name (from JR.bizlink) and launched its new web site today. bizlinkIT is part of the high profile Pitcher Partners group who are one of Australia’s largest Accountancy companies. Notably unlike the majority of its competitors, the firm has consistently...
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