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Retail Metrics


Is a web-enabled module for reporting and analysing your group performance with a set of reports that allow you compare all contributing pharmacies and/or an individual pharmacy.
This module that allows benchmarking and review of data from the store and/or Head Office.

Generics Analysis

Pos and Dispensary Data is collected from the Point of Sale on a nightly basis.
The software collects and sends data on a daily basis.
There is a series of reports that allow the pharmacy to:
     –Compare your prices to your competitor prices of private drugs
     –Calculate Private Script Profit utilising the competitor pricing information
     –Calculate how much a Generics Deal will return in additional profit from your current deal
     –Multiple reports around Drug Dispensing and pricing

Store Layouts

Allow the user to create their store layout and compare profit per category within the layout.
The module is used in conjunction with the Retail Metrics to design and improve the layout and product/service offerings within the Store.
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