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bizlinkIT presents Greentree, the powerful, smart fully integrated business-wide ERP software solution. Greentree is synonymous with providing seamless business integration. This means ultimate business centralisation, connectivity and enhanced business management. This in turn equates to better decision making, smart cost control and competitive advantage. Using Greentree bizlinkIT customers have benefitted from key operating efficiencies and superior performance in their relevant market space.

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Greentree’s business software is today’s ultimate painkiller and multi-vitamin. bizlinkIT helps optimise Greentree ERP software for its customers to streamline processes and enhance system-wide performance. Typically, these companies have become more productive and profitable. They have structured cost controls and deployed highly effective KPI’s and customized reporting to empower strategic decision making. Most of all they have the time and capabilities to totally focus on providing real value for their customers.

From customer service to manufacturing, from purchasing to warehouse, from all sales activity to the financial results Greentree provides an optimized, safe and sure business-building environment that scales and facilitates growth. With bizlinkIT and Greentree, businesses become more competitive and easier to manage. The Greentree ERP software solution has several key advantages that set it apart from competitive offerings, these manifest to deliver additional function, form and value for you and your customers.

Check out the range of Greentree’s Software Suites below – you can choose to turn on what you need knowing that all the modules will work cohesively because they’re on the one platform:

Select the Segments Below in the Gateway Diagram to view more Module Information Direct from Greentree:


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