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Typically, companies adopt inflexible IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. With a bizlinkIT SAAS solution companies can subscribe to online services resulting in Cost savings, enhanced Accessibility and Integration benefits for all businesses types.


SAAS by bizlinkIT is a subscription based delivery model, allowing business flexible and uninterrupted access to systems over the internet.

bizlinkIT SAAS with a Purpose offers SMB’s the following benefits over traditional systems:

  • SAAS Modules DiagramDecreased operating costs by automating asset finance management
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  • Faster time-to-value due to greatly reduced implementation times
  • Accelerated feature delivery – on demand – scalable, as you need it
  • Uninterrupted access to systems – anytime, from anywhere
  • Reduced TCO due to avoiding system infrastructure investments
  • Failsafe disaster recovery and security procedures

bizlinkIT has provided SAAS based solutions to clients for 10 years. During this time the division has developed a successful team of professionals. The business and the team have earned a reputation for:

  • A depth of industry understanding and knowledge
  • Respected technical capabilities
  • Commercial awareness
  • A hard working committed approach to client service

bizlinkIT are results focused and seek to enable efficiency improvements that extend well beyond the implementation of traditional solutions.

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Teresa Hooper Opinion Piece: SAAS with a Purpose

In a recent Greentree Partner Opinion piece, SAAS architect Teresa Hooper says “Because Greentree is so flexible, we’re able to manipulate it to make sure we’re covering all their needs. You wouldn’t typically find that in a normal SaaS system.”

“Through this system we’re able to value-add in a very cost-effective manner because so much of the work is automated,” Teresa says.

Read the Full Article
Download the Opinion Piece: SaaS-with-a-purpose-Teresa-Hooper

ZDNet News Article: Business Transformation with SAAS

Not only is SaaS a catalyst for change within the business, it is also transformative for both the CFO, and for CFOs relationships with CIOs  Read More…

IDC: A SAAS Synopsis

Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes referred to as “on-demand software,” is becoming an increasingly effective and popular way to implement various business applications. This delivery approach has gained traction in application areas where there is value to “networked” or integrated functions within the application. There have also been large numbers of applications that embed business intelligence capabilities that take advantage of the integrated nature of the information with a SaaS application. Most significantly, there is a growing recognition of the positive aspects of total cost of ownership (TCO) for companywide, enterprise-level applications.

There is little question that SaaS is becoming well established as a way to deliver business applications. Based on our research, over 50% of professional services firms are using some form of hosted application, and another 35% are considering it. The historical view among large professional services companies has been that a SaaS application is functionally limited; however, this view is changing. For small and midsize professional services firms, enterprise-level applications delivered as a service have been most appealing. Tight IT budgets prevent an adequate level of IT support and infrastructure to manage in-house application systems. IDC is also seeing a growing interest from larger professional services firms to identify opportunities to implement SaaS solutions.

There is little question that the TCO can favor SaaS for both large and small companies. But the additional benefits of adaptability, comprehensive functionality, and ease of use also favor integrated applications delivered using a SaaS model.

Source: The Impact of SaaS on the Professional Services Industry
November 2010 IDC White Paper

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