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The name says it all really – Guru is our engine room programmer/mad scientist – a true bizlinkIT ‘guru’.  Guru has been integral in the building and brains behind a number of bizlinkIT’s related tools – including paylink – an intuitive payroll rostering system, invoicelink – extraction of invoice data from POS systems into accounting software,  and a store layout program that  interacts with retail data and colour codes category performance.   An expert in conceiving, designing and testing logical structures for solving problems by computer, Guru ensures that the design and development of in-house software in bizlinkIT is able to answer to very specific needs from our clients – especially when a company’s software is not suitable/compatible or expensive.    The growing use of packaged software is met by his ability to write these programs to access data and perform calculations that can bring them together to work as one and save clients valuable time and money.  In his spare time, Guru loves programming for his own pleasure – with ingenious robots and all sorts of inventions always in the mix.  Guru also enjoys spending time with his family and is an enthusiastic vegetarian – always coming in with new and exciting ways of ‘programming’ vegetables to become delicious.