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Neville is bizlinkIT’s senior consultant.   Delivering best practice accounting software to clients in a flexible and cost effective way, Neville specialises in our SAAS ‘with a purpose’ model – a subscription based model that allows businesses uninterrupted access to systems over the internet.  Neville works with bizlinkIT’s SAAS platform to deliver to clients information that is online, integrated, real time – and at their fingertips.  Neville has been involved in a number of SAAS implementations across Australia – as well as a number of external Greentree implementations (when the client buys the software themselves) – specifically in the area of payroll.  Neville is results focused and seeks to enable efficiency improvements and extend well beyond the implementation of traditional solutions.  An apt baker, Neville’s sweet tooth and penchant for all things chocolate has produced many a decadent treat for the team.  Also a family man, Neville enjoys holidays away with his loved ones.